Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft [Link]
Victoria and Albert Museum

 時間:10:00~17:45 *金曜は22:00まで
 場所:Victoria and Albert Museum (South Kensington sta.)
 > Out of the Ordinary: Spectacular Craft brings
 > together the work of eight contemporary artists
 > who place craft at the heart of their practice:
 > Olu Amoda, Catherine Bertola, Annie Cattrell, Susan Collis,
 > Naomi Filmer, Lu Shengzhong, Yoshihiro Suda and Anne Wilson.
 > Collectively these artists use a diverse range of traditional
 > and new technologies, from carving, sewing, welding to animation
 > and laser etching. Working with exceptional skill
 > and attention to detail, they use ordinary materials –
 > paper, thread, dust and nails –
 > to make works that are both intricate and large in scale.
 > All the artists are preoccupied with the everyday as a subject.
 > Mundane or familiar things, like a paint splatter on a dust sheet,
 > a human breath or a weed pushing up through a crack,
 > are presented in playful and unexpected ways.
 > Look closely or you might miss them!
 > Together, these eight artists suggest new directions
 > for the handmade in the 21st century.
 > They have found ways to transform the ordinary
 > into artworks that are truly extraordinary.

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