Topologies, 2002 [Link]
Anne Wilson

下の写真に続き、入口のテーブルにあるAnne Wilsonの作品をメモ
 > Anne Wilson lives and works in Chicago.
 > Traditional textile techniques such as lace making, crochet and knitting
 > are integral to her practice. Using these essentially homely activities,
 > often associated with women, she applies them
 > in unexpected ways to create powerful, complex and delicate forms.
 > For the Topologies installation, Wilson and a team of assistants
 > spent a week pinning into place thousands of tiny parts –
 > webs of black lace, crocheted thread and netting –
 > to form a topography or a large map-like drawing.
 > In a similar play on scale, she uses animated film to bring loose threads
 > and pins to life. Small insignificant things become movie stars.
 > ‘In my art work the concept and content direct the use of material and process.
 > I move from weaving, to sound, to glass,
 > to video and collaborative practices very liberally,
 > rather than being defined by a specific way of making.
 > More constant is my interest in material histories
 > and issues that come out of the everyday as they relate to our human condition.’

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