I’ve put together some movies about travel at Shikoku or Setouchi island in English

Travel at Ehime pref.

Udon Noodle Eating Spree & Tempura Binge ONLY in JAPAN

Japan National Tourism Organization – London Office
Shikoku is the smallest of Japan’s major islands, and the least explored by tourists. But did you know that Shikoku is home to the Shimanami Kaido – an incredible cycling route across six islands of the Seto Inland Sea? Watch this video to find out more about the sights of Shikoku, and to see the Shimanami Kaido route for yourself.

The place to experience Japan’s ancient past is Shikoku, an island famous for its ‘Shikoku Henro’. The word ‘Henro’ means pilgrim, and the best way to visit ‘Shikoku’ is to walk some of its many pilgrimage paths. In so doing, the visitor follows the footsteps of Japan’s most celebrated philosopher-poet, the Buddhist monk Kukai who lived here in the early 9th century.

Japan’s Night Train: The Sleeper Car Adventure


“The Passing of Time in Setouchi”
The gorgeous scenery, dawn, and dusk of the Seto Inland Sea, as well as the paths which appear in the sea with the ebb and flow of the currents, and the passage of ferries between islands, are all shown in time-lapse and normal footage.

Hirome market at Kochi pref., Japan
Hirome Market is a commercial facility located next to Kochi Castle. It is also a place for locals and visitors alike to fill their stomachs with not only Kochi”s local cuisine, but also more international flavors.

Iya, Tokushima pref.

Awa dance at Tokushima pref.

香川県高松市。讃岐うどん。本格手打 もり家 (もりや)
Japan Travel-Shikoku[일본 여행-시코쿠]우동버스, 우동 맛집 투어/Udon Bus/Takamatsu/Special Bus/Noodle/Restaurant

Japan Travel-Discover charm of Kagawa the beauty landscape of Seto Inland Sea
An instruction of Kagawa Prefecture and the Seto Inland Sea district.

The Setouchi region, the “Aegean Sea of the Orient”, is located in the west of the Japanese archipelago. Here we introduce to you the Setouchi region, where you can enjoy gourmet food, cycling, contemporary art, and much more, all against a backdrop of beautiful island vistas.