IALD Award 2008で

Ginzan Onsen Fujiya, Yamagata, Japan [Link]
2008 IALD Award Winners

他には、Richard Rogers の Barajas空港、
セントポール大聖堂 (St Paul’s Cathedral) の内装照明の再構成
キューガーデン (Kew Garden) のThe Sackler Crossing などが受賞しています。
 2008 IALD Award Winners (25th Annual)
 > Fourteen winners representing projects from six countries
 > comprise the winners of the 25th Annual International
 > Association of Lighting Designers (IALD) International Lighting
 > Design Award Winners roster, and were recognized
 > at a presentation held 29 May at the Renaissance Hotel in Las Vegas,
 > NV USA. Of the 14 projects recognized,
 > two entries earned Special Citations,
 > four earned Awards of Merit and eight earned Awards of Excellence.
 > The highest point score winner across all categories,
 > in addition to receiving an Award of Excellence for their project,
 > receives recognition as The Radiance Award Winner –
 > acknowledged as the highest achievement in lighting design award honors.
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