Pavillon De L’arsenal

地上階は常設展 “Paris Visite Guidee”。

 時間:火~土 10:30~18:30、日11:00~19:00
 場所:21 bd Morland 75004 Paris
     7番線 Sully-Morland 1,5,8番線 Bastille
 電話:01 42 76 33 97

 > EXO for external: The exhibition presents
 > 80 projects and works for external realisations
 > within the European community designed or imagined by 40 Parisian practices.
 > EXO for exotic: The exhibition skips over popular Europe
 > to situate itself in far-flung exotic spaces.
 > Though the term may be overused, what does remain is distance and its
 > aspects of the unknown, time difference, change of scenery, climate and culture.
 > EXO for exercise: As eternal candidates within the realm of construction,
 > architects submit their proposals for a host of projects.
 > Globalisation has given them access to new types of orders
 > and the opportunity to discover new ground
 > as well as to test their creativity on new scales.
 > A vast breadth of experiences proves a great source
 > of stimulation in the practice of their metier.
 > Over 80 projects; ongoing or recently delivered works and constructions,
 > attest to the globalisation of around forty Parisian architecture practices.
 > The exhibition demonstrates the diversity in both type
 > and size of the operations ranging from blueprints
 > for a new urban landscaping project to the fitting out of a simple shop.
 > There is also a strong eclectic element introduced through varied concepts
 > and forms evoking a multitude of stimuli and mixing multiple references
 > which provide hybrid results; some of them strange and often surprising.

建築からみるパリの歴史 PAVILLON DE L’ARSENAL »パリ発毎日更新 [Link]
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