I rode Japanese style wooden boat with Kotochan who is dolphin staff of local train at Ritsurin Garden, Takamatsu city, Kagawa pref., Japan.
Like a feudal lord of the past, one can enjoy views of the garden that can only be seen from aboard the relaxing Japanese-style wasen boat ride, led by one of the garden’s boat guides.(VISIT KAGAWA – Official Tourism Website)

場所:香川県高松市栗林町1-20-16 [Google Maps]
料金:大人1人610円 小中学生1人300円 未就学児無料

Fare: ¥610/adult, ¥300/child
Operation Hours: From 9am to 5pm (From October to February, the final departure time is 1 hour before the garden’s closing time.)

和船|特別名勝 栗林公園(りつりんこうえん)


1 電話で 予約受付日の8時30分~17時 電話番号:087ー833ー7413
2 来園して 予約受付日の8時30分~17時 栗林公園東門券売所
3 栗林公園ホームページから予約可能です(2017年5月10日より)

●大人:一人1回610円 ●小人(小中学生):一人1回300円 ●未就学児:無料



Ritsurin Garden | VISIT KAGAWA – Official Tourism Website. –

Ritsurin Garden is the largest Cultural Property Garden in all of Japan, and is an important cultural asset that has been maintained for nearly 400 years. Originally created in the Edo period for the daimyo (feudal lord), the garden features six ponds and thirteen landscaped hills in front of the green vista of Mt. Shiun, along with stunning rock arrangements and a wide variety of beautiful plants. Seasonal flowers and one thousand carefully maintained pine trees create gorgeous scenery that changes throughout the seasons. The garden was designed to be leisurely strolled through, and each step offers a new perspective on the garden’s scenery. Passed down through the generations, Ritsurin Garden is truly an invaluable cultural treasure.

The History of Ritsurin Garden
It is believed that Ritsurin Garden was originally created in the late 16th century, from a garden belonging to the Sato Clan located in the southwest corner of the present garden. What is now the Nanko Pond was created around 1625, when Takatoshi Ikoma ruled the Sanuki Province (present-day Kagawa). In 1642, Yorishige Matsudaira began ruling the Takamatsu Domain and inherited the garden. He and the successive generations of his family kept developing the garden over the years, and the 60 scenic spots were named when the domain’s fifth lord, Yoritaka Matsudaira, was in power in 1745. The Matsudaira clan used Ritsurin Garden as their private retreat for 228 years, over 11 generations, until it became open to the public as a prefecturally-owned garden in 1875. In 1953, the garden was officially designated as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty by the national government’s Agency for Cultural Affairs.

Cruise at Ritsurin Garden, Takamatsu city, Kagawa pref.,Japan

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Ritsurin Garden 栗林公園 #upTAK

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