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TubeMapの歴史について日本語では、こちらのサイト(Un chemin de pierre m’a dit…)
” New Johnston “は河野 英一さんのデザインしたものだそうです。
 Beck’s maps
 > The first diagrammatic map of the Underground was
 > designed by Harry Beck in 1933.
 > Beck was an Underground employee who realised that,
 > because the railway ran mostly underground,
 > the physical locations of the stations were irrelevant to the traveller wanting
 > to know how to get to one station from another —
 > only the topology of the railway mattered.
 > This approach is similar to that of electrical circuit diagrams;
 > while these were not the inspiration for Beck’s diagram,
 > his colleagues pointed out the similarities
 > and he once produced a joke map with the stations replaced by electrical-
 > circuit symbols and names with terminology,
 > such as “bakelite” for “Bakerloo”.
 > In fact, Beck based his diagram on a similar mapping system
 > for underground sewage systems.[citation needed]
 > To this end, he devised a vastly simplified map,
 > consisting of stations, straight line segments connecting them,
 > and the Thames; lines ran only vertically, horizontally,
 > or at 45 degrees. To make the map clearer and to emphasise connections,
 > Beck differentiated between ordinary stations (marked with tick marks)
 > and interchanges (marked with diamonds).
 > The Underground was initially sceptical of his proposal —
 > it was an uncommissioned spare-time project,
 > and it tentatively introduced it to the public in a small pamphlet.
 > It was immediately popular, and ever since the Underground
 > has used topological maps to illustrate the network.
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