Robert Capa × Gerda Taro [Link]

最愛の女性戦場写真家 ゲルダ・タローとの
 時間:11:00~18:00 *木曜は22:00まで
 場所:Barbican Art Gallery
 料金:Advance online tickets £6
 This Is War!  Robert Capa at work
 > Robert Capa (1913-1954) is one of the leading photographers
 > of the twentieth century and defined
 > how modern warfare was photographed.
 Gerda Taro a retrospective
 > The talented and groundbreaking German photographer,
 > Gerda Taro (1910-1937) spent her brief but dramatic
 > career photographing the Spanish Civil War alongside Robert Capa,
 > her lover and collaborator.
 > She was one of the first female photographers to work
 > on the frontline and the first to be killed in action in 1937,
 > aged just 26, whilst covering the battle for the city of Brunete.
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