greening | green earth competition 1st prize [Link]


designer’s own words:
Environment movement such as the action to combat desertification is often pictured as difficult and huge thing to do, but actually the start is derived from the small practices of people. This fact is going to be expressed symbolically through this greenish fingerprint. You and me, including all the small practices of everybody and promises save the trees and further, the earth. The action of stamping the greenish fingerprint on the card has two meanings. First, it is the promise of real action toward the phrase on the card (eco-friendly behavior) ※ Examples of eco-friendly behaviors I will use mugs rather than paper cups. I will take public transportation if possible. I will use reusable bag when I go grocery shopping. I will stop using disposable chopsticks. *blank will be filled with person’s name. Second, the image of the tree which is completed by stamping the fingerprint represents that the promise and the execution of the phrase can save the tree (the nature). The completed pop-up card will play a role as reminding eco-friendly behavior in people’s daily lives as well as a design piece with decorative purpose.