new london bus design – ロンドン・バス デザイン・リニューアル

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miñarro garcía, héctor serrano studio and javier esteban

foster + partners with aston martin
コンペの最優秀はfoster + partners with aston martin。下の写真。
コンペは、フォスター と アストンマーチンの名前勝ちといったところなのでしょうか。

foster + partners with aston martin win joint first prize for new london bus design
foster + partners with car company aston martin, recently won first prize in the ‘transport for london’ competition,
whose brief was to design a new bus for the city. the two iconic british brands collaborated to design
a public transport vehicle that would be environmentally sensitive and accessible,
while reinventing the much-loved symbol of the red double-decker buses for modern day london.
the new bus is designed to navigate london’s dense and varied streets, and employs innovative technologies to allow for greater manoeuvrability and energy conservation. other technology also includes CCTV screens and radio communication on board the bus, inside the driver’s cabin to optimize safety. the interior of the bus is meant to feel much like that of a living room, with lighting and wooden floors, as well as leather upholstery to give a sense of warmth and comfort when traveling through the bustling city.

designboom – foster + partners with aston martin [Link]
designboom – ‘welcome back’ bus [Link]
hector serrano [Link]
minarro garcia [Link]
foster + partners [Link]
aston martin [Link]

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