June 2006にテートモダンのタービンホールで行われた
下の動画は、2006年11月にVictoria and Albert Museumの
John Madejski Gardenで行われた “Volume” です。

 About UnitedVisualArtists.
 > On this page you can find information about UVA, information
 > about the people who work here and how to contact them,
 > archives of all the content on this site, a search engine
 > and information about the website.
 The Company
 > UVA’s approach combines three disciplines: art direction,
 > production design and software engineering. Our philosophy
 > is to tightly integrate these elements to deliver real-time,
 > immersive and responsive experiences.
 > We work equally with LED, traditional lighting
 > and projection technologies as sculptural elements;
 > our bespoke software approach allows us
 > to use existing technologies in new and unusual ways.
 > We aim to work on a diverse and expanding range of projects,
 > drawn from the commercial and non-commercial arenas,
 > and to collaborate with a wide range of artists and companies.
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