TOYOTA CM [Link]Human Touch


 > Agency Hakuhodo and the award-winning directing duo
 > Ne-o help Toyota demonstrate its human touch
 > with this thoroughly entertaining sixty-second ad aimed at their Japanese market.
 > We open on a normal urban scene with a man wandering down
 > the street towards his Toyota. Strangely, he approaches a car
 > that is already choc-full of people, but it doesn’t seem
 > to bother him as he reaches in
 > and wrenches up the head of the chap on the driver’s side.
 > It turns out the impassive man’s head
 > will act as his headrest and his body the seat.
 > The car owner sits on his knee and reaches round for his ‘seatbelt’,
 > which is simply the man’s arms locked together at the front by his fingers.
 > The viewer is in for an enjoyable ride.
 > The commercial continues with some gorgeously
 > witty moments interspersed with fabulous cityscapes.
 > The airbags are two men crouching in the foot wells
 > with balloons and there are more in the headlamps,
 > painstakingly pointing the beams in the right direction.
 > When it begins to rain a man in goggles materialises
 > on the bonnet and hand operates the windscreen wipers.
 > The coffee cup holder is a ‘Thing’ style hand sticking out from the dashboard,
 > the speakers are two faces poking out of the back shelf providing the music
 > and as the boot is opened a kind little chap flicks on a torch.
 > Duncan Malcolm and the rest of the Flame team at Glassworks
 > had some serious work to do. Most of the ‘human touches’
 > the car had to offer were carefully composited into each relevant shot,
 > including the ‘airbags’, ‘headlamps’ and ‘windscreen wipers’.

TOYOTA humanity [Link]
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Glassworks Archive: – Toyota ‘Humanity’ [Link]


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