TENGU [Link]Crispin Jones


 > He loves to be around people
 > and he makes his home by your computer.
 > His many personalities appear when he hears sounds
 > Tengu responds to sound – play music and he animates along with it.
 > If Tengu hears very loud sound for a few seconds then his face changes –
 > each Tengu has seven different faces:
 > Tengu was first shown at designersblock in Milan
 > during the design week in April. I will also be showing
 > with designersblock in London during London Design Week in September 2007.

クリスピン・ジョーンズ / Crispin Jones [Link]
ミスタージョーンズのTENGU 販売開始 – Engadget Japanese [Link]
【楽天市場】音に反応して表情が変わる ミスタージョーンズのTENGU [Link]
音に反応して表情が変わるミスタージョーンズのTENGU [Link]
クリスピン・ジョーンズ / Crispin Jones デザインコミュニケーション [Link]
デジタルアートフェスティバル東京2003 [Link]


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