Se Mi Sei Vicino [Link]
If you are close to me

Sonia CILLARI(オランダ)の作品をメモ。

 > センサーを内蔵したフロアにパフォーマーが立ち、
 > アンテナの役割をする。体験者がパフォーマーに
 > 触れたり近づいたりすることでスクリーンに映し出された
 > CG映像とサウンドが変化するインタラクティブ作品。
 > パフォーマーの身体感覚を目の当たりにしているようだ。
 > The interactive performance Se Mi Sei Vicino (If you are close to me)
 > is a practical research into the possibility of using the ‘Body as Interface’.
 > The main point of departure was the idea to measure human encounters,
 > with the participants realizing that the boundaries
 > of the self extend beyond their skins.
 > A core element of the work is a sensor floor
 > on which a performer is standing, functioning as a human antenna;
 > when coming close to or being touched by members of the audience,
 > the body movements are registered as electromagnetic activity.
 > Surrounding the floor are large projections showing
 > real-time algorithmic organisms connected to audio compositions,
 > which change form according to fluctuations in the electromagnetic field.
 > The relative distance between the bodies determines
 > what is to be seen and heard.
 > This work has to be considered in relation
 > with the tradition of performance and installation art,
 > which problematizes the distinction between
 > active performers and passive spectators.
Ars Electronica FESTIVAL [Link]
2007年 文化庁メディア芸術祭 アート部門 優秀賞 Se Mi Sei Vicino [Link]
Se Mi Sei Vicino (If you are close to me) [Link]