MANAMI HAYASAKI展 [Link]dream helix

 時間:10:00~17:30 *土曜日は01:30まで
 場所:Long & Ryle (4 John Islip Street. London, SW1P 4PX)
 > Manami Hayasaki graduated from Chelsea College of Art in 2007.
 > This is her first solo exhibition.
 > Using a scalpel, Haysaki cuts large sheets of thin black card
 > with the intricacy and instinctive invention of a spider constructing a web.
 > Many of the works in this exhibition are over a metre across,
 > suspended on fishing line from the ceiling or glued to nails on the walls.
 > Integral to the works are the slanting shadows
 > that the cut-outs cast on the walls.
 > These shadows underline the fragility of the created objects –
 > emphasising their thinness –
 > whilst at the same time confusing their graphic simplicity.
 > Fact becomes uncertain and the birds,
 > beasts and flowering plants are untethered
 > from their moorings in the real world and are allowed to dream.
 > Hayasaki’s subject matter alternates
 > between the organic forms of nature and the invented forms of toys.
 > The appearance of these closely observed silhouettes
 > is reminiscent of zoological illustration,
 > and there are several works in which the artist seems to be evoking the
 > classification indices of science.
 > This is a playful appropriation –
 > the composition are decided entirely on aesthetic grounds,
 > skewed with a dry whimsy:
 > in one of the works an albatrosses’ wings have been replaced
 > with the bones of a dinosaur.
 > The work will be installed throughout the space,
 > and the walls of the gallery will be painted black
 > and white alternately. The exhibition can be previewed on Tuesday 29th April.
Long & Ryle プレスリリース(PDF) [Link]
Art London [Link]
Arts & Exhibitions | This is London [Link]
Manami Hayasaki – Visit London [Link]
group_show_artists_exhibition_september2007 [Link]

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