Helen Merrill ヘレン・メリル [Link]Wikipedia

今年のはじめにBlue Noteでライブをしたヘレン・メリルをメモ。
下の映像は、Helen Merrill, I’ma Fool To Want You
“My Favorite Things”の映像 (France Jazz Festival, 1992)はこちら。ピアノはGordon Beck。
他には、“you’d be so nice”“what is this thing called love?”

 > Helen Merrill (born Jelena Ana Milcetic on July 21,
 > 1930 in New York City) is an internationally known jazz vocalist.
 > Merrill’s recording career has spanned six decades
 > and she is popular with fans of jazz in Japan and Italy
 > (where she lived for many years) as well as in her native United States.
 > She has recorded and performed
 > with some of the most notable figures in the American jazz scene.

helenmerrill.com 公式サイト [Link]
YoudBeSoNiceToCOmeHomeTo [Link]
HMV Helen Merrill(ヘレン メリル) [Link]
JAZZ the BEST ::: Helen Merrill「Helen Merrill with Clifford Brown [Link]


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