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最近、いろいろな所でみかける Denis Darzacq の作品。”hyper”シリーズ
 > “When the social elevator is broken you have
 > to know how to bounce. Between the take off and the fall,
 > the man parachuted in the city learns to control his trajectory.
 > In the rough manner of architecture,
 > he opposes the elasticity between his body and his desires.
 > This gravitation exercice requires Discipline,
 > even if it’s not the one we’ve learned in classrooms.
 > After the riots of last autumn,
 > the photograph Denis Darzacq realized 16 of those perilous shots,
 > that says the turbulences and the life in precarious balance.”
 > Natacha Wolinski
 > Beaux-Arts magazine juin 2006
 > Denis Darzacq
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