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先日のBad Hair Pavilionの写真がアップされているのでメモ。
サマーパビリオンコンテストの受賞作品Margaret Dewhurstの”Bad Hair Pavilion”

 > Inspired by the tedious business of drying her hair,
 > AA student Margaret Dewhurst’s winning pavilion for
 > the school’s summer show is now being built
 > It’s just as well that Margaret Dewhurst, winner of this year’s
 > Architectural Association student summer pavilion contest, has long hair.
 > If she had cropped her long, flowing locks,
 > she might not have had the inspiration for her project.
 > Dewhurst’s concept for the pavilion, entitled Bad Hair,
 > was inspired partly by the sensation of wet hair drying over her face.
 > “The aim was to create a similar visual effect,
 > and it has since morphed into the Bad Hair pavilion,
 > made of glue-laminated strands that crisscross over a sphere and sweep
 > to the floor to enclose the passer-by in a shadowy tangle,”
 > says the 19-year-old architecture student.
 > The 4.3m-tall by 17m-wide pavilion will be vaguely reminiscent
 > of a wig turned upside down, although the apparent “mess”
 > of tangled wet strands belies an inherently ordered
 > and logical sequence of design and construction.
 > Dewhurst’s temporary structure, sponsored by Finnforest,
 > marks the second year of the event for which students design
 > and build a pavilion at the AA’s Hooke Park campus
 > and timber workshop in Dorset. The temporary structure
 > is then assembled in London’s Bedford Square in front of the
 > AA in time for the school’s end-of-year show, where it remains

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